Do you need to protect yourself, obtain justice, and/ or get even?

Are you a victim of abuse, bullying, crime, harassment or intimidation? STOP being a victim and EMPOWER yourself. Professional private investigators will solve your problems, and assist you. Serious solutions for serious situations.

Serious Situations include:

1) When you discover your spouse of 20 years is having an affair, and is planning to “take you to the cleaners.”
2) A double dealing business partner “selling out to the competition.”
3) Your loyal and trusted employees stealing stock and ” cooking the books.”
4) Ex employees are now your opposition and are using and selling your confidential database.
5) Your creditor who owes you millions, is about to leave the country-forever.

All confidential, difficult, and unusual assignments and private investigations undertaken. All areas. Fast attention-Experienced and efficient (Ruthless and competent) Confidential and discrete.

ADI CONSULTANTS for all your professional private investigations for business, corporate, criminal and personal matters.

We are a general practice, full service private investigation company, with 30 years experience in commercial, corporate, criminal and personal private investigation services.

We specialize in:

1.) In-depth background information and profiles.
2.) Missing persons, Identification, tracking and locating.
3.) Surveillance and counter surveillance equipment and services.
4.) Digital and IT forensics.
5.) Data recovery from mobile phones, tablets and computers.
6.) Asset location and recovery. Fixed and movable assets, bank accounts etc.
7.) Due diligence and risk analysis.
8.) Threat assessment and profiles.
9.) Comprehensive litigation support.
10.) Loss control and profit erosion avoidance. Evidence and / or information= solutions.

Spyphones. Safeguard your children. Monitor remotely and discreetly, with child monitoring software. Specialised tracking devices and solutions.

In-depth background checks and investigations

The purpose/ reason for background checks/ investigations is to establish and verify that individuals/people and companies are exactly who they say they are, and all claims and information given is 100% factually true and correct, and to uncover hidden information and “dirt”.

All our In-depth background checks are tailor-made to your specific requirements and needs. We do not want you to spend money on any information that is not required or relevant. Our background checks are available in General, Premium and Elite.

We do not use normal public domain information in our in-depth background checks and investigations. Do not be misled by public domain internet searches. These searches often provide outdated, inaccurate, incorrect and useless information. For all your general, commercial, corporate, criminal and professional personal private investigation services

private investigations

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